Smart Messaging

Smart messaging allows to communicate with users via multiple channels:

  • in-browser push (available for Chrome)

  • sms

  • email

  • messengers (Viber, Telegram, FB, VK)

Messaging can be done:



  1. Add recepients to Objects list

  2. Fill in objects' Name/ Phone / Email fields

  3. For Text messaging add SMSC account

  4. For Bots:

    • add bot widget

    • add bot to your tenant



Each new Mobsted account has 10$ that could be spent on text messages.

If you want to continue sending out invites / notifications you should add your own SMSC account.Navigate to your Account Settings

  1. Go to Messages tab

  2. Enter your SMSC login credentials

  3. Click Save Changes



  1. Creating Widget view:

  • Go to Application section in the header and click Widgets

  • Click gear wheel icon to customize the view of the widget

  • Drag and Drop WBots component to widget emulator

  • Click Edit Modal

  • Check Show close button checkbox is checked in Modal Properties menu on the right

  • Click Back button.

2. Adding Widget Scenario:

  • Click Add Scenario

  • Enter Description: Add to Home Screen Widget appears on Home Screen with 10 seconds delay

  • In Conditions section check Bots checkbox ans set off the switcher. This is the instruction for the widget to check if user didn't connect Bots yet. Icon, Push, vCard checkboxes are unchecked, so platform will ignore them

  • In Where? section select:

    • Event type: Screen

    • Value: Home Screen

    This is the instruction for the widget to appear on Home Screen

  • In the When? section type 10 as Delay. This is the instruction for the widget to appear with 10 seconds delay

  • In the How many? section enter:

  • Total (times): 5

  • In session (times): 1

  • Click Check mark to save scenario.



Connect bots to your tennat:

Note: if you have several bots connected the message will first go to the last one which has been used.

Note: To start sending messages to a user - users has the added the bot and reply back to your initial message.

Note: user always can disable the bot

Note: Android device users will automatically recieve in-browser push widget. If accepted they will be also recieving push notifications via Chrome.



  1. Go to Object section of the platform

  2. Select 2 objects by checking the checkbox

  3. Click Message. You will get to Send Message screen

  4. Enter the message "Hello, "

  5. From LEGEND ACTION section on the left select hashtag #Object:Name#. This way you get user name added to the text.

  6. Click Send. Possible options: - Guaranteed: to make sure the message is delivered no matter what - Push: send as bots message and in-browser push for Chrome - Email: send as email - Sms: send as text message.


We create API operation and send personal message to users via different channels (email and text message).

How to set it up:

  1. Go to Object section of the platform

  2. Select 2 objects by checking the checkbox

  3. Create API method to send message:

    • Navigate to My Profile Section in the top right corner

    • Go to Keys tab and copy Primary and Secondary Key to your favourite note app.

    1. Navigate to API Providers Section and click "Add API Provider"

    скрин шот API provider section

  1. Fill in it's Name: "Mobsted" and Base URL: https://*yourTenantName*

  2. Click Save and then click Create New API Provider Method

  3. Name the fields:

  • Api Provider Method Name: "send garant";

  • Method: PUT;

  • Endpoint URL: /api/v8/object/sendmessage

  • Consumes Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

  • Produces Type: application/json

7. Click Add parameters at the bottom of the pop up and fill in the fields:

  • Name: applicationId

  • In: query

  • Type: Integer

  • Description: Application ID

  • Check the box Required

  • Click Save Parameter

8. Click Add parameters again and fill in the fields:

  • Name: subject

  • In: query

  • Type: String

  • Description: Message Subject

  • Check the box Required

  • Click Save Parameter

9. Click Add parameters again and fill in the fields:

  • Name: "message";

  • In: query;

  • Type: String;

  • Description: "Message Text";

  • Click Save Parameter

10. Add one more parameter, named phone using the same settings as the message parameter

11. Click Save API Provider Method

  1. Go to API KEYS tab and click Create New API Key

  2. In the Pop up fill in the fields:

  1. Api Key Name: "Mobsted Key"; Method: Basic; Key1 and Key2: copy paste the keys you've copied on step 2-b and click Save and then Close the pop up.

  2. Click Operations on the Home Screen of your platform

  3. Click "Add Operation"

  4. From the dropdown on the left select send garant in the Mobsted Provider that we created on the previous step

  5. Fill in the field: Operation Name: "Send Message";

  6. In the EXECUTION section fill in the parameters:

    1. API Key: Mobsted Key;

    2. applicationId: 1 (in our case);

    3. message: Hello, #Object:Name#

    4. subject: Hello

    5. phone: #Object:Phone#

    6. email: #Object:Email#

  7. Click Save Operation

  8. Display data on the App Screen

    1. Navigate to constructor

    2. Drag and Drop Button element, fill in it's properties, the Caption Button: "Send Hello Message"

    3. Add an Action to the Button: select Execute Operations from the dropdown and select "Send Message" Operation in the next one and click Save

  9. Check your work

    1. Navigate to Objects section of the App

    2. Launch the from the perspective of two Objects added earlier

    3. Click the Send Hello Message button

    4. The first App User should receive the message to the email, the second one - to his phone


All messages sent - either manually or automatically - can be sent via Guaranteed Delivery by default.

With Guaranteed Delivery messages are sent to user via various channels in the order of their priority (for example: messenger, email, sms), until the message is delivered. привязать к описанию в Push messages & Bots - как определять приоритеты.


  • Objects

  • Connecting bots

  • Hashtags

  • Guarenteed delivery