Guaranteed delivery

Mobsted Guaranteed delivery allows to:

  • select communication channels

  • set priorities within the channels

  • schedule message delivery

  • send messages and notifications until they are delivered.

Guaranteed delivery works for both app distribution to new users and messaging to the existing ones.

Guaranteed delivery method can be chosen in Send message options.

Guaranteed delivery method



Note: before proceeding to Guranteed delivery make sure you have completed Messaging set up in your tennant.

Guaranteed delivery set up is done in Invitation & notification section.

How to get there:

  1. Open the app in Constructor βˆ’> Open main menu on the left-hand side βˆ’> Invitation & Notification

  2. Open the app in Constructor βˆ’> Open Application in the headerβˆ’> Invitation & Notification

How to set up:

  1. In Notifications settings select channels and set priorities within them. Remove the channels you don’t want to use on setting Disable option in the dropdown. Default set up will first try to deliver via messenger push, if not delivered the message will go as email and then as text message.

Note: if you have Push option enabled and several bots connected the message will first go to the last bot which has been used. The timeout to swith to the next bot is 60 seconds.

2. In Timeout settings define the time period between switching to the next delivery channel. It is scheduled with 100 seconds delay for each channel by default.

3. Send messages manually or automatically.